Visible Classroom costs £200 (or USD$260, AUD$360, CAD$360).

As part of Visible Classroom, you receive:

  1. A personalized dashboard, with key metrics on your teaching practise. These metrics include how fast you spoke, the balance of teacher and pupil talk, how many questions were asked and the complexity of language used.
  2. A detailed feedback report from the University of Melbourne, tailored to your individual teaching practise. The report identifies your strengths and provides recommendations on how you can optimize your teaching methods and style for areas of development. The feedback report also provides you with comparisons of key teaching metrics to industry averages.
  3. Customized teaching tips and strategies based on your individual teaching practise.
  4. A written transcript of each of your lessons, which allows you to review and self-evaluate your lessons.

You can upload five lesson recordings per Visible Classroom package.

You’ll receive your analytics within two business days of uploading your lesson recording. Once you’ve completed five lessons and requested your feedback report, it will be delivered to you within two weeks.

Your Success Score gives you a single number to easily track how well you are meeting your targets for Talk Time and Talk Speed. The highest possible score is 100.

iPhone and Android phones are supported. We recommend you use iOS v10 and higher, and Android OS v4.4 and higher.

We take our responsibility for the security and privacy of your data very seriously. Your recordings, class content and transcripts are owned by you and remain confidential. Transcripts are anonymized and student dialogue is not transcribed. We employ all reasonable physical and electronic security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. Read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

No, your lessons can be from any subject. When you save a recording, you’ll be prompted to select which subject area your lesson covered.

At the moment, the Visible Classroom app is only suitable for singular teaching environments.

All you need is an iPhone or Android phone, the Visible Classroom app and a microphone you can plug into your phone. The app includes an easy-to-use audio recorder for you to record and upload your lessons.

No video recordings or tricky technical setups necessary! Visible Classroom uses audio recordings of your lessons to analyze and provide feedback on your teaching strategies. The app includes an easy-to-use audio recorder for you to record and upload your lessons.

After using Visible Classroom, teachers are commonly surprised by just how often they talk, the complexity of the language and grammar they use, and also the number of questions that they ask in a lesson.

Visible Classroom has assessed over 10,000 transcripts from classrooms all over the world. The app has been designed in response to the feedback from our community of educators who have helped to build a product which is truly fit for purpose.

Many teachers find that Visible Classroom allows them to identify personal teaching habits which they have previously been unable to see. The app then provides personalized, objective feedback and practical advice which teachers can apply immediately to improve learning outcomes for their students.

Learn about Visible Classroom & Visible Learning

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