How Visible Classroom works

1. Get in touch

First send us your details. We’ll get in touch to discuss our various pricing packages depending on the number of teachers looking to take part.

2. Download the App and send us a recording

Download the Visible Classroom app from the App Store or Google Play and start recording your lesson using the in-built voice recorder. Then simply upload your recording via the app.

3. Receive Transcripts and Analytics

Once the Visible Classroom team has analysed your recording, you will receive a transcript of your lesson and analytics on your teaching.

  • Did you allow enough time for your students to participate in their own learning?
  • Did you speak too quickly?
  • How many questions did you ask?

For more details on the analytics you will receive click here.

4. Complete 5 Lessons

After receiving five hours of audio from your classroom, world-leading education experts from the University of Melbourne review your transcripts and analyse your lessons using a specifically-developed rubric drawing on a range of research and quality teaching rubrics from Professor John Hattie.

5. Personal Feedback

Once the University of Melbourne has completed their analysis of your lessons, they create and send you a personalised feedback report with a summary of their observations and recommended teaching strategies designed to improve learning outcomes for your students.

Download a Visible Classroom Sample Report.

Download The Visible Classroom App Now

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